A Note From Our Pastor

There are times in our lives where we are pulled from – and to – many different directions. Depending on our individual personality, we might listen more to our heart or to our head when sorting through the options in front of us. Many of these “tugging” times are natural milestones – finishing school, a new job, a new place to live, a new partner to share your

life. It can be quite a roller coaster.

For me, the upcoming weeks are the ultimate roller coaster of our faith journey. We move from the twists and turns of the meditative Lenten journey to the thrilling entry into Jerusalem and rush of excitement as if the roller coaster has crested and we are wide eyed rushing down the steep slope, our arms waving in the air. Then, we are plunged suddenly into

darkness, hanging upside down or going backwards – our sense of time and direction all askance. How can the Messiah be betrayed and murdered in front of our eyes? In that

darkness, we hold our breath until the glorious sunrise of Easter morning where God’s love breaks through and death is conquered. After worship, we retire to gather with family and friends, the sense of satisfaction of a journey’s end, as if we were pulling back into the roller coaster’s starting gate.

If your stomach (and heart) are a little overwhelmed by this tumultuous ride, I expect it is in part the realization (if we allow ourselves) of how we are complicit in Jesus’ crucifixion.

Our continued physical, emotional and spiritual violence against our neighbors and God’s creation mutes our anticipated joy of Easter morning. It should. For while we are an Easter people, a people of the resurrection, we must not forget how we fall short of God’s will for us.

May we continue to give thanks for God’s blessings in our lives this and every day as we continue to pray for God’s blessings to extend across this planet, that all of God’s children may know peace. If we can be diligent in that, in prayer and in action, we live into Marcus Borg’s and John Dominic Crossan’s observation that God is about repairing the damage

that has been done. We become part of the renovation crew. May it be so.

Pastor Paul March 25, 2017