Outreach Fund Supports Care Bags and Food Boxes

A portion of proceeds from our rental properties is designated to our Outreach Fund. This fall and early winter, Council approved Mission and Outreach’s request to use of this fund to assemble and distribute Care Bags and Emergency Food boxes.

The Sunday School (and Christian Ed team) assisted Mission and Outreach in assembling 50 one-gallon Ziploc care bags that contained personal care items, a bottle of water and a small gift card that members took to give to folk they encounter in our community who are soliciting donations. The two teams assembled an additional 30 “winter” care bags (including hats and hand warmers) that are now available for members to pick up.

The Mission and Outreach team also initiated an Emergency Food Box program modeled after the Affton Christian Food Pantry. In the past, those that come to church requesting assistance received a modest gift card to a local grocery store and directed to the ACFP for ongoing assistance. Now they receive an Emergency Food box that contains over 2 dozen food items, enough to feed a family of four for several meals. The food boxes are in the Upper Room and are available for members to distribute.