Free Weddings? What's the catch?

Really, there's no catch. Couples don't have to join our church and won't find any hidden charges. Our Pastor meets with engaged couples before the big day to help them plan their ceremonies and prepare for marriage. On the wedding day, friends and family gather in our historic church in the heart of Affton. Couples are welcome to bring their own decorations and musicians to make their wedding as unique as their love story. 

How Come?

There are a growing number of people without church affiliations. Many have never been connected to a particular congregation or denomination. Sometimes at life's threshold moments, such as a wedding, people without a church come seeking the church and its services. We want to celebrate those moments with our neighbors and take away the usual barriers that make those moments challenging, like membership requirements and high costs. We want someone's first encounter with a church to be one of warm welcome.

As Christians, we're already in the business of love. Offering hospitality to our neighbors for weddings is just another way we can serve the community.